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When Are Games Played?
Typically games are held on Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday at varying times. How many games played is subject to how many you win, but typically at least three games per weekend.

How Long Is The Season?
Travel basketball is year-round, and typically the heaviest game schedule is February through August.  The NME season typically runs from March through July. NME teams compete in multiple sanctioned organizations, including but not limited to AAU, USBA, YBOA, and USSSA.

Where can I follow and get information on NME?
All data not found on this website can be found by following or checking our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Updates on scores, tryout dates, game times....everything is posted on social media in a  timely fashion in most cases.  If something you need answered is not available on this site or on social media, please send an email to the program through the Contact page.

How Many Games In A Season?
It all depends on how many you win in specific weekend tournament. Our teams play different schedules, but guarantee a minimum of 9 tournaments per year over a period of 4 months. Since the guarantee is usually a minimum of 3 games per tournament, their will at least be 27 games. That will be as high as 50 if we win games and get out of pool play. Some tournaments have 4 games. The average season for NME teams as calculated over the last 9 years is 48 games and 10.5 tournaments per team per year.

Where Does NME Practice?
Practices are held at North Paulding High School, East Paulding, North Cobb, North Cobb Christian, Lakepoint Sports Complex, and other surrounding facilities.

How Does My Child Tryout?
Times and location to be announced in late December, early January, here on the website. If you are on the email list, you will receive email notification around the same time. Most NME teams will be by invitation.

Is There A Cost To Tryout?
NO. There is no cost to tryout.

How Much Does It Cost If You Make The Team?
The projected cost is different for each team, and some teams parents have corporate sponsors, etc. The average cost is approximately $590 per player. The $590 typically covers uniform, tee shirt, insurance, equipment, and your percentage of the tournament entry fees. The price is the same as 2018.  It is more than rec league because you typically receive better equipment, three times as many games, and three times as many practices.

Are There Any Additional Costs?
Yes.  Practice court time, shooting shirts, over-night trips - among other items - can cost more and be a separate cost from the player fees.  Any out-of-town travel for players in the 3rd through 8th grade will require parents to bring their children and stay with them overnight for liability purposes. We can help parents coordinate sharing rooms if need be to save money, but ultimately the travel arrangements and overnight accommodations will be with the family. This should only occur once or twice per season.  CRITICALLY - each tournament has an entry fee for fans!  And a reminder - our fees are equal to or less than almost all equivalent travel programs, and is exponentially less than travel basketball, girls lacrosse, girls volleyball by orders of magnitude.

Are The Coaches Certified Or Trained?
All coaches will be or have been FBI background checked by the start of a season. Coaches are selected each season based upon experience.   All head coaches will have substantial youth basketball and/or High School coaching experience.

Where Are Most Of The Games Played?
In and around Georgia. We will have the majority of our games played in the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Out of area games are subject to each Coaches discretion for his age group. 

What Are The Teams For The 2019 Season?
10U - 4TH GRADE - 2027
11U - 5TH GRADE - 2026
12U - 6TH GRADE - 2025
13U - 7TH GRADE - 2024
14U - 8TH GRADE BLUE - 2023
14U - 8TH GRADE WHITE - 2023
15U - 9TH GRADE GIRLS - 2022
15U - 9TH GRADE BLUE - 2022
15U - 9TH GRADE - WHITE - 2022
16U - 10TH GRADE - 2021
17U - 11TH GRADE - 2020